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Frying machine |

Frying machine |

Aug 17, 2020

Frying machine Detailed Specification:

1, The main material of the machine:the pot is made of δ4.0mm stainless steel plate 304.

2, The shell body is made of δ1.2mm stainless steel plate 304.

3, The type of mesh belt is type B, which width is 750mm, and the material is stainless steel 304. The mesh belt bracket is made of δ2.5mm stainless steel 304 and is formed by cold bending butt joint.

 Stainless Steel Continuous Oil Fryer

The fume exhaust cover and the mesh belt bracket can be independently lifted which is easy to clean.

4. Clean up the bottom residue of the pot in time. The scraper plate is made of stainless steel 304. The slag box should be installed at the discharge part which is for draining oil and cleaning up the residue.

5, The lower conveyor belt is divided into two sections, one of which is a Teflon conveyor belt with a length of 1200mm.

6, The lower conveyor belt is divided into two sections, the speed of each section is independently adjustable.

7, The inverter is Mitsubishi (Japan).

8, There are three temperature measurement points, respectively measure the temperature of each section. It uses stainless steel heating tube, material 304, about 120 kW, and is controlled by three groups.

9, Each group of heating tubes is installed with independent circuit breaker.

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